November 14th, 2007 at 11:02 pm

Advanced Search 2.0 (really!)

Unbelievable – it took more than one year from version 0.1 to the 1.0, which we released yesterday. But I have dedicated the last 24 hours to proceed coding on the Advanced Search, and so much has been changed that a jump to 2.0 seems justified – even if only a single day has passed since the last major release.

What exactly has been changed? Well, I was working on the upgrade of Advanced Search Lite which was actually a quick’n’dirty ripoff from Advanced Search. I started again to rip the code from the new AS to make the new AS Lite, when I realised I could as well merge them and have two plugins in one. For me this would mean less duplicate code to care after, for the user it means that they have more choice along with a slimer code base.

And so I merged Advanced Search and Advanced Search into one plugin download. They appear in the Plugin panel as two separate plugins. One can use either one or the other or even both at the same time. Also, there were even more features added: Blog visitors can now switch between searching strings or words(!), WP’s internal search can be transparently replaced with the FULLTEXT (i.e. word) search, and Advanced Search Lite can now also be used as a widget.

What do you think, is a 2.0 ok for this? I definitely think so, and I even dare to say that this is the bestest search plugin for WordPress evar, which everybody should have on their blogs. You heard me! ;-)

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Advanced Search page, download it and enjoy searching 2.0 (no beta!).

November 13th, 2007 at 11:45 pm

Advanced Search 1.0

[lang_en]Good news everybody! I’m happy to announce Advanced Search version 1.0! Not only is this version finally compatible with WordPress 2.3.x, but it also has been profoundly revised and cleaned up, a good number of bugs have been fixed, and it has a couple of shiny new features.

The most interesting feature is that you can now use the search form in a truly modular fashion without digging in the code: In the new config file settings.php, you can turn each section on or off. For example, if you have many categories and you don’t want people bothering with switching categories (not to talk of long loading times), you can simply turn this section off.

So, grab the new version and install it. And: don’t forget to spread the word! (Many people have requested a new version, not all are subscribed to this blog.)

Unfortunately, there are bad news, too: As a side effect of the cleanup, the plugin doesn’t work with the legacy series 2.0.x of WordPress anymore (on which this site runs, too). But version 0.6 should still do the job for us, and it will stay available for download.

By the way, the new version of Advanced Search Lite is in the making.

Update: Within a mere day, there was a version jump to 2.0!
[/lang_en][lang_de]Es gibt gute Nachrichten: Ich freue mich, die Version 1.0 von Advanced Search bekanntgeben zu können! Die neue Version ist nicht nur mit WordPress 2.3.x kompatibel, sondern sie wurde von Grund auf überarbeitet, viele Fehler wurden behoben, und es gibt einige nette neue Funktionen. Die wohl interessanteste neue Funktion ist, dass man das Plugin nun modular verwenden kann ohne im Quellcode wühlen zu müssen: In der neuen Konfigurationsdatei settings.php kann man jeden Bereich ein- und ausschalten. Wenn man beispielsweise viele Kategorien hat und seine Besucher nicht mit der Auswahl der Kategorien nerven will (ganz zu schweigen von langen Ladezeiten), kann man diesen Bereich einfach ausblenden.

Deshalb: die neue Version herunterladen und installieren! Und natürlich: die frohe Botschaft weitertragen! (Viele Leute haben um die neue Version gebeten, nicht alle lesen dieses Blog regelmäßig.)

Leider gibt es auch schlechte Nachrichten: Bedingt durch die Überarbeitung ist die neue Version nicht mehr mit der älteren 2.0.x-Serie vor WordPress (mit der auch diese Website läuft) kompatibel. Aber die Version 0.6 sollte es noch für uns tun, und die bleibt auch weiterhin verfügbar.

Übrigens, die neue Version von Advanced Search Lite ist in Arbeit.

Nachtrag: Innerhalb eines einzigen Tages gab es einen Versionssprung auf 2.0![/lang_de]

March 8th, 2007 at 12:24 am

AdvancedSearch Lite

There have been many requests for this, and now it happened: The AdvancedSearch plugin has got a little brother called “AdvancedSearch Lite”. This edition is developed for the people who always wanted the fulltext search with boolean operators, but wanted no or just a small search form. Of course, this edition also features multi-color search term highlighting.

“AdvancedSearch Lite” fulfills these requirements: As soon as you upload and activate it, the WordPress search will have a new engine. If you then want to replace the legacy sidebar searchform with a much neater and feature-richer one, you can also do this with very little efforts.

The “AdvancedSearch Lite” plugin also has its own page with downloads and comprehensive documentation. As always, we wish much fun with our work! By the way, translations, bug reports and feedback of any kind are always welcome.

February 24th, 2007 at 2:40 pm

Advanced Search 0.6

There is a new version of the AdvancedSearch plugin. It fixes some grave bugs with the WordPress 2.1 series:

  • Paged searches now work with WP 2.1.x,
  • Searching in static pages now also works again,
  • A problem with search term highlighting and the o42_cleanumlauts plugin has been fixed (only relevant to German users),

Many thanks to everybody who supported the development with finding and fixing bugs; especially Ryan and Aza.

Furthermore, there is now a Czech translation of the plugin thanks to Martin Štěpán.

The plugin is as always available from its home page. Have fun with the new version and let me know how you like it. Also, please help out with translations, and report bugs as well as improvement ideas!

January 16th, 2007 at 12:19 am

WP 2.0.7 and Advanced Search 0.5

WordPress 2.0.7 has just been released. It fixes a security hole which allowed to read the WordPress database via the file wp-trackback.php. Although the threat depends on special circumstances and does not apply to all WordPress sites, it is highly recommended to update as soon as possible.

On a related note, there’s a new version of the Advanced Search plugin available. An error with category filtering on blogs with only one author reported by cj has been fixed in the new version. Also, there is now an Italian translation thanks to Andrea Barbieri.

The plugin is as always available from its home page. Have fun with the new version and let me know how you like it. Also, please help out with translations, and report bugs as well as improvement ideas!

Update: There was still another bug occuring on blogs with several authors of which only one actually has posts. The problem was fixed and the download for 0.5 was updated. Thanks to solemnchaos for the hint.

December 24th, 2006 at 12:34 pm

Advanced Search version 0.4

A new version of the Advanced Search is available. Prominent changes are:

  • Search can now be limited to a user-defined period,
  • Various improvements on the highlighting function; it should work pretty perfect now,
  • Compatibility with the Polyglot plugin (thanks to Christian)
  • Fixes and some revisioning for compatibility with WordPress 2.1 – yes, we’re ready for the 2.1 release! :-D

The plugin is as always available from its home page. Have fun with the new version and let me know how you like it. Also, please help out with translations, and report bugs as well as improvement ideas!

October 28th, 2006 at 1:05 pm

ContuttoPDF and Advanced Search work fine with WordPress 2.0.5

Today, WordPress 2.0.5. has been released, mainly as bugfix release. The plugins developed by Contutto, ContuttoPDF and AdvancedSearch, work perfectly with the new version, so no need to worry about incompatibility. Let’s see how that will be with WP 2.1. ;-)

October 24th, 2006 at 1:26 pm

AdvancedSearch featured in WP Podcast

The Advanced Search plugin is featured on today’s WP podcast. :-) Thanks to Charles and the WP podcast people for covering us.

October 19th, 2006 at 8:16 pm

Advanced Search version 0.3

A new version of the Advanced Search is available. The one and only new feature is search term highlighting (multicolor!). I decided to call this version

The “Frankie” release

This is because I was urged and finally convinced by Frankie (and others) from the German WordPress forums that an Advanced Search doesn’t deserve its name without fancy highlighting. ;-)

I was opposed to this, and I’m still sceptic; simply because all them Regular Expressions eat quite some CPU bandwidth, which can result in a significant CPU impact at very large sites (or lame servers ;-)).

However, on smaller sites as well as with short results lists and few search terms, it’s sweet eyecandy. That’s why this feature is on by default, while you can easily deactivate it at the beginning of the plugin file. Leaving highlighting on will definitely not break anything, in the worst case a term just won’t be highlighted. This can happen due to the complex technology of the MySQL FULLTEXT search.

Ok, actually there is another change: We now have a Spanish translation of the Search form as well as the hints popup (!), thanks to Trebol-A. And in order to tidy up the plugin’s base directory, I put all translations into the subdirectory l10n.

The plugin is as always available from its home page. Have fun with the new version and let me know how you like it. Also, please help out with translations, and report bugs as well as improvement ideas! :mrgreen:

October 13th, 2006 at 7:26 pm

Advanced Search 0.2

First of all, I want to thank all the people who installed and tested the Advanced Search plugin and of course also those who have written about it and who are using it. I had a some hundred downloads in a single week! I hope you all enjoy the Advanced Search.

Now for the news: A new version of the plugin is available. The interface has been improved, and there are some minor bug fixes. Upgrading is easy. However this release is not security-related, so if you’re happy with v0.1, you can keep it.

Changelog for version 0.2

  • Only one search field instead of three. This allows a more flexible search with boolean operators. An explanatory “help” popup is offered.
  • In the simple searchform and in the sidebar, the correct search term is shown instead of “advanced”.
  • Categories are displayed hierarchically now. Subcategories are toggled via JavaScript. The display of categories can be tuned, similar to the WP template tag list_cats (with fewer options, though). Categories can be excluded, empty categories can be shown or hidden, and sorting can be done by name or ID, ascending or descending.
  • If there is only one author or category, the respective section is not shown. (This should have worked with 0.1 already, but it didn’t, due to a bug.)
  • When all categories are unselected, it acts like if all are selected. Same with authors.
  • XHTML has been improved to validate as XHTML 1.1 and to reflect the semantic structure better. This however makes it a good idea to style the form with CSS. The plugin package therefore contains a CSS sample ctas.css to be attached to your template’s style.css (you can of course modify it to fit your taste).
  • French translation for the Advanced Search form is now included, thanks to Luc Saint-Elie. (Slightly foozled by me, for the new version.) Other translations are highly welcome.

The new version is available from the also revised plugin’s page. If you want to be notified on future releases, you can subcribe to our new notification service.

Have fun with the new version!